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  • Week 1: Feb 25
  • Week 2: Mar 4
  • Not Meeting Mar 11
  • Week 3: Mar 18
  • Week 4: Mar 25
  • Not Meeting April 1 (Easter)
  • Week 5: Apr 8

*Must attend at least 4 weeks to be considered for partnership.

Partnership is at the heart of NT ministry. We partner with one another and the Lord to accomplish his gracious purposes in our world. With this in mind, LifeConnection uses the language of “partnership” to describe those who are committed to the gospel-centered ministry of our local church.
The first step to becoming a Partner at LifeConnection is our 5 week class called Partner Connection (must be present 4 of 5 weeks, so plan accordingly). In this course you will learn what we believe as a church, our core DNA, our philosophy of ministry, our leadership structure, and our church constitution and statement of faith. So, if you are interested in finding out what makes us tick as a church community, come to this next round of Partner Connection.

Childcare will be provided: For planning purposes please let us know if you need childcare in the comments section below. If so, how many kids and what ages (Ex. 3 kids – 3, 5, & 9)?

*When you RSVP on The City event to the first week of Partner Connection, it will give you the option of responding for every week of the partner connection. Make sure to look for that option and click it (Pictured below).

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Discussion about this event

Amy Martin on 01/03/2018

2 kids- 12 and 7

Heather Snowbarger on 01/24/2018

3 kids- 6, 4, 3mo

Michelle Bolinger on 02/05/2018

2 kids- 11 and 7

We will be out of town 2/25 but plan to be at all remaining 4.

Anna Westa on 02/10/2018

Will be out of town the week of March 18th

Rosemary Atkins on 02/11/2018

We plan to be in church 2/25. If we failed to sigh in it was an oversight.

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On Feb 10, 2018, at 10:24 PM, Anna Westa on The City <(email address removed)> wrote:

February 25
1:00 pm – 2:30 pm
3883 Blue Ridge Blvd
Independence MO 64052
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9 people
are coming
Anna Westa (1)

Michelle Bolinger (2)

Paul Beaver (1)

Heather Snowbarger (1)

Amy Martin (2)

Kimberly Berkley (1)

Kay Hefner (1)

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