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By Carson Conover in LifeConnection Church 5 months ago | 880 views
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Leadership is a unique calling and gospel stewardship. Leadership flows from a commitment to Jesus and seeing the gospel affect all of life within the disciple-making process.

This is why in 2018 we’ll continue to gather for Leader Community: a growth opportunity for leaders, soon-to-be leaders, and those who aspire to lead in the future. This unique gathering is completely geared to investing in leaders – caring for the soul of the leader, providing skill-development for the leader, and reminding ourselves of our vision as leaders.

The Leader Community will gather 3 times in 2018 (2/25, 5/6, 8/26). The Leader Community is open to anyone who is currently a leader at LifeConnection or who has aspirations to lead in the future. To say it differently, the Leader Community is both for the ongoing investment in current leaders and an entry point for those not-yet, aspiring leaders.

It’s our hope that the Leader Community will become a vital and valued part of the leader’s life. It will not only be an opportunity for care and development but also connection as leader’s will share their lives with one another.

I hope that you’ll take advantage of this opportunity in 2018 and make plans to attend.

*Childcare provided. Please indicate your childcare needs in the comments section below, i.e. 2 kids, 3 & 5. 

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Discussion about this event

Rachelle Adams on 02/25/2018

2 kids: 5 & 7

Andrew Phillips on 02/25/2018

2 kids: 3 and almost 1

Mayra Farias on 05/02/2018

3 kids 11, 6 and 2 years old

August 26
6:00 pm – 7:45 pm
3883 Blue Ridge Boulevard
Independence MO 64052
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19 people
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Ardith Scheer (1)

Elizabeth Crowe (2)

Mayra Farias (2)

Destiney Mendez Chavez (1)

Andrew Phillips (2)

Rachelle Adams (2)

Jill Newkirk (3)

Kassie Gravely (1)

Melia Elliott (2)

Nancy Comtois (2)

Tori Slagle (1)

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