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Fall Fun Night: Trunk Or Treat

By Scott Kelly in LifeConnection Independence 3 months ago | 1088 views
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This Sunday is Fall Fun Night: Trunk-or-Treat hosted by KidsCo.  It will include Trunk-or-Treating, hayrides, hot dogs, cookies and chips.  Everyone is invited to join, not just KidsCo families.  Invite your friends and neighbors as well!!

We will start the night with Trunk-or-Treating from 5:00 – 6:00 and eating hot dogs.  After kids make the rounds, we’ll gather together for a fun night of hanging out.  Please dress up if you’d like.

Want to help? There are a variety of opportunities to serve. Simply sign up for a role below. 


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Discussion about this event

Rachelle Adams on 09/19/2018

We’d like to participate in the Trunk or Treat. Will send an email later. Thanks!

Tori Slagle on 09/19/2018

I’d love to donate some candy for this! Probably shouldn’t make a trunk since it’s technically my due date and babies are unpredictable – but if she hasn’t arrived I’m game for helping elsewhere!

Camo Thompson on 09/19/2018

I’ll cook hot dogs again

Scott Kelly on 09/20/2018

Thanks Camo. We’re planning on you leading the charge with hot dogs. John Atkins has also volunteered to help with hot dogs. And I remember you told me that Jason Heimer was also willing to help with hot dogs too.

Scott Kelly
Family Disciple-Making Director
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mobile: 847-868-6596
On Sep 19, 2018, at 7:37 PM, Camo Thompson on The City <(email address removed)> wrote:

Megan Cancilla on 09/24/2018

Can’t wait to see all the trunks! 🎃

Kim Wilcox on 10/13/2018

There are new roles/lots of ways to serve at this event. Can’t wait to have fun, and serve our community, with all of you!

Kendra Terranella on 10/19/2018

Is there a place you want us to drop off candy this Sunday or next?

Lynette Earl Wood on 10/19/2018

Would love to help.  Put me where you have a need.  Give me a call:  254-4183.

Kim Wilcox on 10/20/2018

Kendra- You can drop it off in the KidsCo office next to the copy room downstairs. Thanks for donating candy!

Rosemary Atkins on 10/22/2018

Rosemary Atkins will be a greeter.

Rosemary Atkins on 10/22/2018

Rosemary Atkins will greet

Al Perez on 10/24/2018

Sign me up Greeter

Carson Conover on 10/25/2018

Issa Butoyi, Bukuru Butoyi, and Kim Whitmore will be serving as greeters. 

Charlotte Vroom on 10/26/2018

Mandy, Kassie, Grant, Katie, Megan L., Jill, Irene, Carrie, Danielle, Jackie, Laura, Al, and Megan C (these are the individuals already signed up),

All that is decorating your trunks please be sure to be at the church between 4:00 and 4:30.  All trunks should be ready by 4:45 so please arrive with allowing enough time to set-up. Also, remember plenty of candy. 


Charlotte Vroom on 10/26/2018

Hot Dog Cookers (John A, Camo T and Jason),

Please be at the church at 4:00 to bring out the grill to start cooking hot dogs by 4:15.  We need to be ready by 4:45 to 5:00 to start serving the first waive of hot dogs.  We have around 500 to cook.  Also we will stopping cooking at 6:30.

Thanks for your service. 

Mary McGranaghan on 10/26/2018

I don’t know how late I will be able to stay, but would like to help out.  Could I help with the set up team?

Ann Knowles on 10/26/2018

I would like to do a trunk, and I will try to bring a game but I’m not 100% sure if I’ll have time to come up with something. I was going to go borrow from some carnival supplies and see if we have any carnival games

October 28
5:00 pm – 7:00 pm

75 people
are coming
Jessica Harper (3)

Role: Trunk w/Game
Ann Knowles (5)

Role: I will decorate my trunk.
Abby Agee (1)

Role: I'll donate candy
Mary McGranaghan (1)

Lindsey McClellan (1)

Role: I'll wrap hot dogs
Amy Windes (3)

Role: I'll cook hot dogs, I'll wrap hot dogs
Ryan Rittenhouse (1)

Role: I'll volunteer as a greeter
Leslie Murphy (1)

Al Perez (1)

Role: I will decorate my trunk., I'll volunteer as a greeter
Theodore Wilch (2)

Role: I'll donate candy
Grant Malone (1)

Role: I will decorate my trunk., Trunk w/Game
Michelle Bolinger (4)

Role: Set Up Team (4:30)
Kendra Terranella (1)

Role: I'll donate candy
Laura Ferguson (2)

Role: I will decorate my trunk.
Jackie Heimer (3)

Role: I will decorate my trunk.
Danielle Tackett (4)

Role: I will decorate my trunk.
Crystal Groce (4)

Carrie Allen (1)

Role: I will decorate my trunk., I will decorate my trunk.
Charlotte Vroom (1)

Role: Set Up Team (4:30), Set Up Team (4:30), Set Up Team (4:30), Set Up Team (4:30), Set Up Team (4:30), I'll wrap hot dogs
Jill Newkirk (3)

Role: I will decorate my trunk.
Megan Leong (1)

Role: I will decorate my trunk.
Kim Wilcox (1)

Role: I'll donate candy, Tear Down Team
Megan Cancilla (4)

Role: Trunk w/Game
Kassie Gravely (4)

Role: Trunk w/Game
Mandy Forrest (5)

Role: I will decorate my trunk.
Irene Borland (5)

Role: I will decorate my trunk.
Carson Conover (4)

Role: I'll volunteer at the guest tent
Katie Freborg (3)

Role: I will decorate my trunk.
Rachelle Adams (5)

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