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UPDATE: Will you pray for students?


We had another Challenge table event on campus today from 10-1p and we’ll have another one tomorrow. We’ve been inviting students to fill out 30 second surveys to enter our gift card giveaway. This will also enable us to identify students interested in learning more about what we’re doing on campus this semester. After two table events, we’ve got approximately 200 contacts so far.  


We’re trying to gather the people we’ve been meeting for some simple social activities to help us continue to connect with others and make new friends. Our first Challenge social is this Wednesday from 10:30-12:30p. We’ll be playing Bag-O, Kan Jam, Ladder Toss, Spike Ball, and Giant Jenga on the Campus Center lawn. We’ll also be providing ice cold lemonade.

Please continue to pray for us. You can pray in the following ways.

  • Pray for the core team; for God to grow them in Christ as a result of their participation in these ministry efforts. 
  • Pray for the 200 students we’ve met so far—that God would bring a bunch of students to Lawn Games & Lemonade on Wednesday.
  • Pray for our follow up efforts—for opportunity to share the Gospel and connect people to Challenge Bible Studies (they start the week of Sept 18th). 

Thank you!

P.S. If you’d like to join my text message prayer team, text “PrayUp” (no quotes or spaces) to 781-728-9542. You’ll receive a confirmation text telling you you’ve successfully signed up. If you don’t, you either texted the wrong number or you texted the keyword incorrectly. I’ll send 2-4 texts each week inviting you to pray in specific ways. 

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