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By Carson Conover in LifeConnection Independence 2 months ago | 857 views

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We’ve begun a new semester at MCC-Blue River and Longview! The first month of a new semester is always an important time to make new student contacts, set up face to face gospel appointments, share Christ, start Bible studies, etc. There’s a lot of potential for impact this time of year in the lives of college students.

Would you pray? I’d like to invite you to join my text message prayer team. I’ll send 3-4 texts/week inviting you to pray in specific ways for college students. It’s a great way to support campus ministry and a good way for me to keep you in the loop. To join, simply text PrayUp (no spaces) to 781-728-9542. You should receive a confirmation text when you’ve successfully joined. If you don’t, it’s because you typed the wrong keyword or the wrong number. 

The picture above is from today. It’s the Thursday Bible study I’m leading at 11a at MCC-Longview. I’m apprenticing Joseph this semester. He’s the guy on the front right with the hat and long hair. Pray for his growth in Christ and as a student leader. Yesterday, I got to spend two hours with Ahmed. He’s the one in the back left in the pink shirt. He grew up Muslim, but currently identifies as an agnostic/atheist. I got to share the gospel with him yesterday and he asked if he could come to LifeConnection this Sunday. I told him no….just kidding. I said, “Absolutely!” God is doing great things already. That’s why I’d like to invite you to pray. Thanks!

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