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Sermon Discussion Guide: Jonah 1:1-3

By Carson Conover in LifeConnection Independence 3 months ago | 3664 views Link:

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Big Idea: God pursues us with relentless mercy.   

If you missed Sunday’s teaching, you can listen to it by CLICKING THIS. Your sermon discussion guide is attached below for your Gospel Community this week. You are encouraged to use this guide before and during your weekly gathering. It contains the passage you’ll be reading and discussing, sermon notes, discussion/application questions, and encouragement to help you take your best next step of obedient faith. 

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Michelle Bolinger

Having lots of trouble listening to sermon from link. Is there a podcast option?

Jerald Mahurin

Hi Michelle, 

It might be too late, but I just downloaded the mp3 file from the link as a pod-cast type file. I went to the download from our home page. On a mobile device it took me some time to figure out where the download link is located. After tapping on just about every thing I discovered the title is a link,  not just a title. It is probably obvious on a computer with mouse over hints but not so obvious on mobile devices. 

Michelle Bolinger

Thank you Jerald!

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