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Sermon Discussion Guide: Phil 2:1-11

By Carson Conover in LifeConnection Independence about 1 month ago | 1112 views Link:


Big Idea: The humility of Jesus enables us to live humbly together. 

Your sermon discussion guide is attached below for your Gospel Community this week. You are encouraged to use this guide before and during your weekly gathering. It contains the passage you’ll be reading and discussing, sermon notes, discussion/application questions, and encouragement to help you take your best next step of obedient faith. 

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Karen Beaver

Hi! Carson. This link goes nowhere. It says in part: Error, access denied. At least when I try to get to it. Doesn’t say or take me to The City. Just says the above. Can you correct this before tomorrow night? That’s when our GComm meets. Thanks. Karen Beaver

Carson Conover

The link works for me Karen. Can you try refreshing your browser and then try again? If it still doesn’t work, I can email you.

Karen Beaver

OK. Thanks! I’ll let you know if that doesn’t work.

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