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Update: Mission On Campus

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We’re 5 weeks into the new semester at Blue River and Longview Community Colleges. I thought I’d give you a brief summary of what we’ve been up to on campus so you can join me in thanking God for His work and in praying for more fruit in the lives of students.
We started the new semester with several table events (pictured above) for our student group, Christian Challenge. We do these table events at the beginning of the new semester to make new contacts. We invite students to fill out a 30 second survey indicating their level of interest in spiritual things and in our student group. The survey enters them into our gift card giveaway and enables us to follow up with them via text, email, and face to face conversations. The goal is to get them connected to Challenge Bible Studies on campus and/or LifeConnection if they don’t already have a church home. 


The students pictured above are part of the Challenge Core Team. We meet every Monday from 3-5p to help one another grow up in Christ and in practical ministry skills. Currently, we spend our weekly meeting discussing what God’s teaching us from our Bible reading plan. We’re also reading and discussing a chapter each week from John Piper’s book, Don’t Waste Your Life. We finish our discussion with a short leadership lesson from Tim Elmore’s Habitudes. We use the remaining time to pray and plan practical ministry efforts on campus. We expect to add an additional member to the Core Team this week!


Speaking of practical ministry, the team planned an evangelistic outreach called the Crucial Relationships Proxe (pictured above). Since it’s Valentine’s Day, we thought this would be a good way to serve students and engage them in meaningful conversations about their relationships—both with God and others. We served punch and gave away bags of candy while moving students through the conversation boards above. The last board serves as a springboard to share the gospel using a presentation that’s very similar to The 3 Circles. 


Gabe is sharing the gospel with several students (pictured above). This was a huge step for him because, by his own admission, he’s painfully shy and struggles to step out and engage in conversation with people he doesn’t know. But, he surprised us all on Monday when he stepped out to share his faith with two different groups of people!


During the proxe, we asked students if they’d be willing to share a negative experience they’ve had recently in their relationships. We had them write it on a sticky note and post it on the board. Then, with their permission, we prayed for them concerning that relational difficulty. The blue note above says, “I got pregnant by my boyfriend of 2 years. He left me for another girl. We have a son. Then he died. Betrayal. Death.” Wow, that’s heavy, right? Feel free to pray for these students. Ask God to draw them to Jesus where they can find true hope and healing. 


Last, we’re preparing to head to St. Louis March 9-16 on a spring break mission trip to the campus of UMSL. If you’re a student reading this, we’d love to invite you to join us. If you’re an adult who’d like to invest in college students, you’re invited to come along too. Just let me know (sooner than later please)!

Thanks for reading and for praying!

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