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Holy Week: Want to receive devotional texts?

By Carson Conover in LifeConnection Church 9 months ago | 1022 views Link:

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RSVP for the Good Friday service – HERE

We’d like to encourage you with some devotional readings and reminders to pray via text message during Holy Week. These will help you focus on Christ and make the most of Easter.

To sign up for these, just text the key word holy to 781-728-9542. You should receive a confirmation text indicating that you’ve successfully joined. If you don’t, then double check to make sure you sent the right key word to the right number.

You will receive a text in the morning during Holy Week with a link to a passage to read devotionally. You’ll also receive a text at lunch time encouraging you to pray in light of the passage you read that morning.

If you have any questions or technical problems, just call/text Carson at 816-799-8648, email, or comment below. Thanks!

RSVP for the Good Friday service - HERE

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