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VOLUNTEER CHILDCARE - Affordable Christmas

By Abby Agee in LifeConnection Independence about 1 year ago | 392 views Link:

Affordable Christmas is just around the corner (December 9th) so we’re trying to get all of the final details in place. As we’ve mentioned previously, we ask that if possible, you find outside childcare for your kiddos while you are volunteering as we’ve got quite a few kids to care for whose parents are coming to AC.

With that said, we don’t want this to keep anyone from serving so if you are unable to find childcare for your kids while you volunteer at Affordable Christmas please let us know the number and age of your kids needing childcare at AC so we can plan accordingly. (I.e. We need childcare for 2 kids, ages 4 and 6).

We ask that you comment on this post or message myself or Megan Cancilla separately with your childcare needs by NOVEMBER 22nd. After that, we will be unable to accommodate additional volunteers’ kids. 

Thanks! We look forward to serving with you all! 

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